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If there’s anything that creeps me out more than sharks or peeping toms, it’s bugs that jump. More specifically, bugs that jump straight at me. I am now so lucky as to have a small infestation of camel crickets in my bathroom (though I did squish one in the kitchen today). The camel cricket is partially blind and will jump very high, straight up into the air, in order to try to intimidate it’s attacker (i.e. me). Therefore, they are very hard to catch and squish and are totally freaking me out. Now I can’t stop thinking that they’re on me or crawling into my bed, running across my feet, etc. etc. They’re little bitty guys, just slightly bigger and thicker than mosquitoes, and have a curved/humped back (hence the “camel” in camel cricket). I’m going to the store right now to find something to get rid of them. *shudder*