, ,

+ weed garden and put stone border around it

+ pick up bleach to scrub the mold out of the cupboard

+ scrub mold out of cupboard

+ finish laundry

+finish dishes

+ put another coat of Orkin home defense around the house fiance did it ❤

+ finish writing thank you notes and send them out

+ finish addressing rehearsal dinner invites and send them out

+ pack clothes that do not fit into tub and store in garage

+ pack for trip to Michigan tomorrow

+ vacuum the carpet, sweep the floors, sanitize surfaces

+ take recycling to the center

+ fix rsvp list to reflect those who have declined and contact those who have not rsvped yet

+ make sure dresses still fit for rehearsal dinner and dance hooray!

+ buy milk

+ get a manicure/pedicure if time

I hate waking up early but man do I get a lot done when I do.

In other exciting news, I went from having one interview to three in the matter of two days. That’s pretty awesome, but now I’m terrified for next week. I always hate going in for an interview, it’s like walking in for a welcome judgment from every pair of eyes in the room. I’m also generally terrible at being on time, which always seems to cripple me on days when I have the most important things to do- like go in for an interview.