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I’m appalled at how ridiculous the interview process has become. You walk in, sit down, and they ask you very vague questions to which they want to hear very specific answers. If you don’t tell them exactly what they want to hear (and you’re interpretations of their questions are wrong, since they are, in fact, vague) they don’t hire you. Sometimes, they step up their game a bit and require you to do a presentation as well. I think this portion is purely for their entertainment. Weren’t my hoards of recommendation letters and the legal documentation of my aptitude and ability to function well in this position ENOUGH? Regardless of how intelligent or qualified you may be, if you don’t play their monkey game, you don’t get the bananas. To me, “Be aware that you are up against a very large pool of highly qualified candidates.” translates into “Don’t be surprised when you don’t get the job, even though you are highly qualified for it.”  Frankly, I’m annoyed, because I’m playing the game, I haven’t won yet, and I still want to work for the puppet masters.