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Yesterday I realized how much needed to be done before the wedding. While they may just be little things, shopping, cleaning, packing, etc, I completely freaked out yesterday and have had this ball of stress knotted in my stomach since then. I dislike having to rely on so many other people to get things done, I’d rather just do it myself so that I can be sure that it will, in fact, get done. Unfortunately, pulling off a big wedding requires many hands, not just my own. I trust C, but beyond him I have to doubt whether or not people remember everything that I remember about what has to be done and how. I’m driving myself crazy. I need to go set up my classroom now (I’ve been procrastinating for hours) so that I’m not further strung out by the time C comes home from work tonight. Maybe I should actually cook dinner for once, I like cooking, maybe that would help to calm me down…