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I’m married! I’m happy to say that the wedding went splendidly (despite my often absent moh) and I’ve never had such a great time at a wedding before. 🙂 The rain stopped just an hour before the ceremony and left us with a beautiful sunset during the reception. Everything went by so incredibly quickly it was madness! I don’t even remember where I was half the night, running here and there and everywhere to stop to talk to people, dance, laugh, stop for pictures, etc. My husband and I successfully danced our fancy choreographed routine without falling or messing up significantly (we both made a mistake but no one but us noticed) and my dress straps didn’t break and reveal my boobs to the entire room (as I feared would happen)! Hooray! The food was amazing, the cake was delicious, the company was fantastic! Success all around!

I’m teaching sophomores now and couldn’t be more exhausted every day. They’re so clueless about the world at large, it’s so frustrating! I’m also left with zero time for virtually anything else. I feel like I’m neglecting so much.