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My husband is the most amazing man in the entire world. Sincerely, I really mean that. He makes me lunch in the morning and makes sure I drag my butt out of bed on time to get to work on time. He wakes me up in a way that is kind and sweet, kissing my shoulder or neck, and even lets me sleep in a few extra minutes before he yells from the shower “WIIIIIFFFEEE–GOTTA GET UPPP!” When my old car started to get up there in the mileage department, he bought me a brand new car and insured it to the max so that I don’t feel uncomfortable driving it. He gave into and supported my dreams of owning a humongous dog, and thus bought me a very expensive but very beautiful and humongous puppy (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) plus, all of the nice things to take care of him with. On top of that he occasionally makes dinner, makes me feel loved 100% of the time, and he manages all of our bills so that I do not have to stress or worry myself with almost anything other than my job and taking care of him (which, of course, I do gladly)! The little things are great too, like how he calls Yoshi “Oshi” or teases me that I’m prettier than he is. There are about a thousand other nice and wonderful things I could say about him, but I wouldn’t want to give him too big a head. After all, I do want to have his children someday… 😉 haha, was that too gross of a pun?

So, yesterday I took a sick day to stay home and grade papers. Yes, you heard me right. Apparently, it’s the norm for English teachers to use about 6 sick days a year to stay home and work, instead of go to work and work. Who knew? I slept in a little (only til 9am) and then woke up and graded for 8.5 hours straight, only getting up to pee and make myself something quick for lunch. At 5:30, I put down my pen and had successfully graded 180 essays, tests, and newspaper projects. Hoot- rah! Granted, I still have about 60 essays to go before I’m out of the hole completely, but at least I’m up to date! YAY! *breathing sighs of relief*

Friday my husband and I leave to pick up our little Feeny Monster. Yes, he’s named after Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World- do you know any other Feeny? What’s really cute, is that his official AKC name is a great play on words. The breeder decided to name this litter after Collective Soul songs, so our dog’s official name is “Seneca’s Over Tokyo “Feeny Monster.” 🙂 What can I say? I’m an English teacher! Despite my overwhelming excitement at picking up our lil’ guy, I’m also terrified that I’m not going to be able to give him enough play time with me while still keeping up on work. Our family always says we work too much, maybe Feeny will just straighten us out and make us somewhat normal?

Feeny Monster at 9 weeks

Speaking of normality, this past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my in-laws. I don’t mean that sarcastically either, they really are extremely pleasant and sweet people! My favorite part of the weekend was getting to spend time with my sister-in-law and my nephew. I got to witness him walking a few real steps between the two of us! It was an amazing thing to see! I remember driving up to the hospital after he was born as if it were just last week, and it was last December! Time has definitely been moving quickly since I started working a “real” job.

Anywho, being around them really made me excited to have kids someday. The plan is to wait until at least next fall to start trying, so that I can finish out this school year and then work another school year to save up for a down payment on a house. When I said, “I wanna baby!” my husband said, “How about a puppy first?” I know that I’m not really ready yet, but I also know that if I were to get pregnant I’d definitely step up to the plate swinging. In the mean time, my cousin has sent me on a mission to begin creating my cloth diaper stash for when I do have a lil’ baby on the way. I wanted to dive right in and buy one this month, but after asking my husband about it, he asked me to wait a few months until our finances catch up from buying the new car and the puppy. I felt a little guilty and selfish at that point and didn’t press it further, I can definitely wait. Besides, it’s not like I need them right away, right?