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Day 2: Today’s writing prompt from the 30 days of truth is: “Something you love about yourself.”

I love that I am unquestionably dedicated to the things and people I love.When I support a charity, I don’t just send in money. I organize the largest caravan of supporters to travel cross state to the rally that would raise international attention! When I start a long distance relationship, I don’t just write emails and letters to the man I love. I drive 5 1/2 hours a few times a month just to see him for a few days.  When I say I’m going to cook dinner for my friends, I don’t just order a pizza. I create a huge home cooked meal including dessert. When I buy a gift, I don’t just grab two things off of their list and ask for it to be gift wrapped at the store. I buy the two (or more) things off their list and then create a theme around those items, packaging the gift accordingly (example: baby clothes, Dreft, little hangers, and put it all in a laundry basket and tie a bow on top). When I create a birthday cake, I don’t just bake a boxed cake and throw some canned icing on top. I cater to the personality of the person and create a cake that is uniquely for them. When I carve pumpkins, I don’t carve three triangles and a mouth with buck teeth. I spend an hour creating cannibalistic pumpkins; large pumpkins eating baby pumpkins and snarling, while the baby pumpkins cry or look frightened. When I went to college, I didn’t meander through five or six years of a few classes at a time while partying every weekend. I powered through a five year degree in four years, while still participating in community service projects, working two or three jobs, and graduating with honors. When I clean the house, I don’t just throw the laundry in the basket and sweep everything else into the closet. I spend five to six hours dusting, vacuuming, moving furniture, waxing floors, mopping, sweeping, changing bedclothes, washing laundry, cleaning out cupboards, cabinets, and the fridge, and putting away all piles of stuff laying around.

What can I say? If I’m going to spend my time doing something, I’d better do it right the first time. 🙂