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Lately, I’ve been having an extremely rough time facing work. Waking up in the morning to go to work has been easy, because my husband is amazing and brings our puppy in to wake me up each morning. However, as soon as I wake up and realize that it’s a weekday, my heart sinks, and I immediately become angry and upset that I have to go to work. I’m really not happy about my job right now, regardless of how much I still enjoy teaching. I have a lot of anger and frustration pent up, and I’ve let it get the best of me the past few weeks. I’ve let it run my emotions and my feelings, and I’ve let it drag me down and over gravel. My husband has been 100% supportive, and has come to my rescue with several supportive and helpful words and actions to make me feel better.

I listen to books on tape in the car, and therefore do not often listen to the radio. The only way I’m exposed to new music is through recommendations through friends, family, or other bloggers. I’m really impressed with this group, and they made my day a lot better. 🙂