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Day 10: Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

As I’ve previously stated, I don’t wish un-knowing anyone. Every person who has come into my life ( the good, the bad, the ugly, and the so-stinking-beautiful-I-can’t-stand-them-because-I-wish-I-were-them) has changed me or my perspective in some way that has made me who I am today. Not to be vain, but I like who I am most of the time; thus, I don’t wish away anyone. However, I do have several types of people that I can not stand, even if they have made me appreciate the people I love and see every day even more.

People I wish I didn’t know:

1. People who abuse their children, pets, or significant others. While I experience the urge to want to shake sense into teenagers on a daily basis, I would never ever physically assault someone. Violence is never the answer, no matter how many video games, television shows, or movies promote it as such. Abuse is an inexcusable crime that I believe should be punishable with harsher means than are currently in place. There shouldn’t be second chances for those who abuse their children, spouses, or pets. What really makes me angry are the people who have abused their children before birth, by drinking or doing drugs, who get to keep the children after they are born.

2. People who form opinions based solely on what they hear from their parents/friends. I wish I could say that this applies mainly to my fifteen and sixteen year old students, but it doesn’t. People who take someone’s word as fact without bothering to look into it themselves piss me off because 98% of the time they tend to have been given wrong or skewed information. I’d say that ignorance is probably the number one cause of unnecessary fighting and drama, both in politics and relationships. If people would bother to be educated the world would be a much happier, peaceful place.

3. Students who don’t care about their education. If they want to fail because they don’t want to pay attention in class, ask for help, or ever bother to do their homework, fine. I advise them to do it on their own time, out of school, rather than putting the burden of their laziness on me to “motivate” them to care. I am not their parent. It may be my responsibility to instill a sense of importance in higher education, but their parents are the ones who are supposed to foster and support the importance of that sense at home. If the parents don’t care whether or not their kid go to college, or even graduate high school, then the kid sure as hell won’t. I am their teacher; I can only do so much.

4. Local, state, and national governmental officials who make decisions regarding education reform without actually discussing such changes with a wide range of educators. The public school system in America has gone down the pooper. The people who are making the decisions that affect everyone’s children have either 1. never been a teacher, or 2. have not been a teacher since the NCLB act/standardized testing was put into place. The pending changes make me question my profession entirely; what does that tell you?

5. People who are mean to others because they’re insecure with themselves. I have been one of these people; I admit it. However, I try really, extremely hard not to be one of these people. Being around teenagers all day makes me disappointed in the human race, especially because they do not even respect the people they call friends.

6. People who do not respect their elders. I haven’t been older than those around me for very long, but already I received disrespect from children eight years younger than I am. I’ve heard it from so many teachers this year from all over the country: kids just don’t respect their elders like they used to.