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Today’s 30 Days of Truth:
Day 13:  A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Dear Death Cab for Cutie,

Many may consider you to be a emo teen angst band, and that well may be, but I believe that your music and lyrics are works of art that speak to my soul. No matter what kind of emotional roller coaster I have found myself on during the past 8 years, there is a song or album of yours that I can put on repeat until I feel centered again. Case in point, “Tiny Vessels” got me through my junior year of high school.

I’m also a huge fan of your side project, Postal Service, even though you never expanded your musical genius in that realm for more than two albums. My personal history is littered with memories of the sounds of your albums pounding through my Alero as I drove down 275 with the windows down,  my voice trying to hit the same notes as Ben.  Every night I drove in the winter, your cds played on repeat in my car, the gentle tinkling of piano filling my car as the soft snow fell outside. Your lyrics inspired me and filled me with truths I’d never stopped to wonder about. Your music gave me an inside look at love, hurt, and wonder at how the “real” outside world functioned before I ever stepped foot in it. Like the best of the Romantics, you inspired me to live and breathe through my emotions, to trust in myself to know what was right.

I may be “too old” to still love your music the same way I did back then, but I do.  I hear that you’re awful in concert, which makes me think I might never opt to see you live; I wouldn’t want to ruin the memories I have of you by hearing you distorted through a bad sound system. I think I value you most because I associate you with so many strong memories from high school, and I’m glad that you’ve been the soundtrack for my life. Thank you for your carefully crafted melodies and the poetic musings of your lyrics; without them, my life in high school would not have been nearly so tolerable.

Much Love,