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Today’s 30 Days of Truth: Day 16: Someone or something you definitely could live without.

When growing up, I played teacher more often than any other make-believe scenario. My mom would give me real teacher textbooks, worksheets, and grade books. I even had a little green chalkboard and set up my little stuffed animals to pretend to be students. I was always an English teacher when I played pretend, too. I thought being a teacher was going to be the best thing in the entire world!

However, once I grew up a little, I no longer had any fantasies that teaching would be an easy job. Once I started teaching for the first time last year, the gravity of my childhood misconception became startlingly apparent. I’d even venture to guess that being an English teacher is one of the most time consuming middle class jobs in existence. I’m a little biased, I know, but grading essays takes so much time and energy and effort. I have 153 students each semester, three separate classes, and sometimes projects due all at the same time. It takes about five to ten minutes to grade each essay. Yeah, you do the math. Not to mention the fact that planning, creating assignments, and creating assessments also take a ton of time.

So, something I could live without? I could live without ever having to grade another assignment in my life and be a very happy camper. Unfortunately, assignments are what give me the data I need to accurately assess what my students know or don’t know, so that I know what to teach/reteach. Grading was definitely NOT one of the parts of teaching that I practiced at age 5 because that part was no fun, and it’s definitely something I could live without.