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Each year we introduce the idea of personal statements by having our students write “This I Believe” essays based off of NPR‘s 1951 radio program “This I Believe”. We ask the students to think of one thing that they fiercely believe in, and write about why that is. If I had to write my own essay, I’d have a very hard time choosing a topic…

Day 19: What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I dislike discussing either because I don’t feel well versed enough in politics, and I don’t like to shove my religious beliefs down anyone’s throats. It drives me crazy when people act as if their beliefs are the only “right” ones. I feel like the universe is too big for anyone to legitimately have such a narrow minded view of how things are. That being said, I can only share what it is that I believe.

I believe there is a God. I believe that doing what is “right” means doing what will benefit the most and harm the least. I believe in honesty, integrity, passion, friendship, education to eliminate/severely limit ignorance, do unto others as you would have done unto you, working hard for what you want, earning what you receive, and loving and appreciating family and friends as fiercely as if they were going to disappear tomorrow. I believe in being thankful for every day that I breathe and every beautiful thing I am allowed to witness and experience. I believe in freedom of religion.

I believe that those who are most fit to lead are those who do not want or strive for the job to do so. I believe that the people who spend their time complaining about the state of the world are generally the people who do nothing to promote the changes they wish to see. I believe that one man or woman can not fix all of the crap that the last few hundred men have piled on top of our country’s “Whoops, maybe we should fix that now” list in just a few years. I believe that we should have never gone to a paper money system, as everything we “own” in the bank is virtually worthless in reality. I believe that, as a whole, our country is selfish; and, as individuals, there are few who do big things to spread the wealth to where it is vitally needed.  I believe that the wealth of our great country is squandered on meaningless wars and ventures, when it should be spent on increasing education thus decreasing ignorance and stupidity, which make up the fuel for the fires of hatred and destruction that have destroyed a lot of our country’s reputation and substance. I believe in a government run by the people it serves.

This, I believe.