I updated my “See Jane Aspire” page for both my life list and my 101 in 1001; lots of things have happened in just a month and a half. To be brief:

  1. I finally got my first (and only) tattoo
  2. I received a Nook for Christmas from my husband
  3. I completed my first (and only) Sudoku puzzle (it took me frickin’ forever)
  4. I helped with pig farming at my in-laws (both a terrifying and nauseating experience, but I have to admit it was kind of fun)
  5. I went to a meeting to see my legislative representatives and Senator Walker, where I spoke out against the ridiculous changes our ridiculous Superintendent of Public Instruction is planning to put into place
  6. I saved a dog near an Olive Garden

I have also revamped my instruction practices and curriculum for this semester with the help of my colleagues and the knowledge I gained at Kristina Smecken’s workshops in December. Thus, I’m praying and hoping that this semester will be better in many ways. So far, so good, but it’s too early to tell. We’re still in what they call “the honeymoon period” (the first few weeks back from break are transition).

I have a huge list of things to write about, but I feel exhausted and want to do the topics due justice at another time. Just a teaser of what’s to come:

  • Inked
  • Listed
  • Valued by Weight
  • Faith Speaks
  • Politics
  • Saving the World