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As many of you might know, I love to cook. Not to toot my own horn, but my husband, family, and friends can attest to the fact that I’m a pretty decent cook too. I love to entertain; I love to throw parties; I love to feed mass amounts of people the kinds of food that make them think of giving up sex for life, if only they could just have ___________ every day. Making people feel that way makes me feel good; I mean, wouldn’t you feel the same way?

In my pursuit for the best recipes for entertaining, I’m always open to try new foods when they are presented to me. This past weekend, the hubs and I went to the Indianapolis Home Show in order to get more information and ideas for the house we’d like to build for ourselves in a few years. I resisted buying some of the gimmicky products presented (like an awesome steam mop or rubber broom that removes pet hair from any surface-how cool is that?!) but when my husband and I walked by the booth that offered our poor, tired bodies sustenance, I gave in.

“Would you like to try some of our dips?”

Absolutely. In fact, can I have a few more pretzels to try almost all of them?

-Sweet Pepper & Tomato

-Sundried Tomato & Bacon

-Loaded Potato

-Buffalo Bleu Cheese

No matter which one I tried, I turned to C and said, “Oh my gosh, you have to try this!” Then we tried the dessert dips using what looked like mini graham cracker pieces:


-Creme Brulee

-Key Lime

-White Chocolate Raspberry

-Royal Hawaiian

-NY Cheesecake

Same reaction… Clearly, I couldn’t walk away from that table without a few purchases, so I spent $19 and received 6 choice dips and 1 complimentary Veggie dip. Aside from the dips tasting absolutely “heavenly,” there are several things that I really liked about the convenience factor of the dips:

1. You buy the dips in powdered ingredient form, which means you don’ t have to store them in the fridge or pay for fancy cool-packed shipping if you order them online. This also means that you can buy a bunch of flavors and save them in your pantry for when you have parties throughout the year.

2. Super easy to prepare in about five minutes and with minimal tools! You use a spoon (or spatula) and the bowl you want the dip to be in to make it! To make the dips, you mix in one or two ingredients* with the dip mix, stir, refrigerate, and serve.

*Depending on the type of dip you add different ingredients: for veggie dips, add mayo and sour cream; for dessert dips, add cool whip and cream cheese; for oil dips, add olive oil.

3. You can make the dips as fatty or as low-cal as you want, and they still taste fantastic! Use fat-free, low-fat, or regular mayo, sour cream, cool whip, or cream cheese when mixing the dips! They even make sugar-free dessert dip mixes, if that’s your thing. C and I made the Sundried Tomato and Bacon dip with fat free sour cream and low-fat mayo, and I still couldn’t stop thinking Mmmmmmmmmmmm after each bite.

4. They’re versatile: all the veggie dips can be made into cheeseballs and all the dessert dips can be thrown into pie shells and used as major dessert fillings (or trifle layers).

So, to review: delicious, easy to make, convenient, possibility of low-cal, versatile, cheap.

I loved their product enough to want to freely pass it along to you. So, here’s their website: YUM.


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