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Just as it has been for the past two years, March brings with it a bountiful basket of new things: new weather (which schizophrenically switches back to the old weather on a whim), new life (trees, flowers, and hopefully our front yard, but the outlook looks grim), the hunt for a new place to live (our roof leaks and I was not pleased last spring/summer/fall with the battle with the hopping, jumping, scuttling creatures in our house), and the hunt for another new job.

I’m on a temporary one year contract, just like last year; and just like last year, I can’t rely on the “we definitely will have a position for you and want you to stay” that they tell me with a wink and a nod because last year that didn’t pan out. So, I have to go through the ugly, obnoxious, and time-consuming process of updating my resume, cover letter, and portfolio, and then filling out as many applications as humanly possible. Every year (as this will be my third year in a row facing this challenge of finding a quality job in an unsatisfactory economy) I come to the realization that filling out job applications and going to job interviews requires the participants to be particularly savvy in the game of inflating weak ideas with a complex vocabulary and knowing the “magic” academic catch phrases to throw around “casually” during the interview/in the application. The poor saps who don’t understand the game are the ones who suffer the most and don’t get the job, even if they might be just as qualified.

The bottom line: you have to know how to play the game to win. It doesn’t matter if you understand the rules and own all of the equipment, if you can’t play well, you won’t win.

Is this fair? No. Is it right? No. Does anyone have a choice in the matter? No; so, you might as well learn how to play so you can win.

I’m curious to see where this process takes me this year. I’ve learned A LOT about different aspects of teaching from both of the previous jobs I’ve had, probably much more so this year than last. I started the 2010 school year excited but stressed and that snowballed into feeling very close to the urge to quit by November.Then, after a fantastic set of conferences in December, I felt renewed and rejuvenated and finally capable of handling the issues with which I had been presented. Now, I’m trying my best to implement the things I learned in 2010 and have had a fairly successful although somewhat depressing start to 2011 in my classroom, as I have realize just how behind many of the kids are. Ah life,  you are such a roller coaster.

On another completely different note: this morning, my husband surprised me with the idea of going to Disney for our first wedding anniversary! I’m stoked. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying one of those Minnie Mouse ears headbands with the little fake veil on it just for giggles.

Gotta love the fluff!

On yet another different note: I’ve begun my stash of cloth diapers for when (in the far future (hopefully)) we decide to have a baby. They are the cutest things I own. Seriously.

So, here’s to March: to a new home, a new contract, new weather, new life, and hoping that I can still effectively play the game.