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The sun is shining and the wind is howling. I can walk outside in jeans and a t-shirt without shivering. It is March, and my day could not get better.

I’ve gotten one email back for one of the jobs I applied for, but all it said was that they’d begin calls to schedule interviews after 3/11 (which means today onwards, obviously). I got a call from Best Buy asking if I wanted that part-time job I applied for, but after I reminded them that I couldn’t start until school got out, they said they’d file me away for another day. Alas, we shall see.

Good news!

My first cousin once removed, who was the recipient of the proceeds from the “Fluff Baby Home” fundraiser I posted awhile back, is finally coming home to my cousins this week! He’s flying all the way from the DRC to become part of the most loving family he could ever hope to receive. They have loved him so fiercely from so far away for so long that they must feel on air today as they wait to meet their son for the first time. I’m beyond excited. Additionally, Rebecca Woolf from Girls Gone Child just found out she’s having twins! So much to be joyous and thankful for during such a difficult time of sadness and devastation in Japan. C’est la vie…

Now, onto the massive pile of grading to get through this weekend…