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Things I have learned in my 8 months and 3 weeks of marriage:

1. My husband does not get my passive aggressive hints of irritation all the time, and thus, I should be more direct when something is bothering me so as to avoid playing games.

2. I am not the only reason why my husband could possibly be angry/upset/stressed out. In fact, usually it’s not me; therefore, I should stop pestering him with the “are you mad at me?” question and listen to him the first time when he tells me “no”.  He means it. If I continue to pester him, then he gets mad, and I get annoyed.

3. Going to bed angry only creates loss of sleep due to high ranging emotions, stress, and being cold and lonely. It’s better to fix things now and snuggle than to hold out due to pride/anger.

4. I should let him drive more often; after all, he did give me the nice car.

5. There’s nothing like back massages or light brushes of the hand over his head and neck to tell him that I love him.

6. I need to be more appreciative of the sacrifices he makes for me regarding his travel for work; it’s not easy for him to leave me either.

7. Asking about the future does not make it appear faster. In fact, it makes both of us more stressed out.

8. I do not need a baby to make me happy. I am not ready for a baby. My husband is not ready for a baby. However, when we do decide to have babies, if my husband shows even half of the love and adoration he has for our dog, they will be the most blessed and well cared for children in the world thanks to their ever-vigilant, caring, fun-loving, silly, playful, caring father.

9. Singing in any room of the house with each other, or across rooms of the house to each other, is totally acceptable and should be encouraged often.

10. Sometimes it’s okay to be ridiculous in order to make the other person laugh. Like acting like a giant ape and leaping into the bedroom or bucking loudly like a chicken in the Johnny Carino’s parking lot without looking to make sure no one is around first.

11. Marriage is not always easy, but is worth every kind of effort put into it. I always feel appreciated and loved regardless of anything that has changed about me in the past 8 months, and he tells me he feels the same way too.

12. There is one very fool-proof way to cheer up my grumpy husband who won’t tell me what’s wrong.