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The other day, my husband and I walked our dog up to my summer workplace to get some ice cream. We walked around to the picnic tables to sit down to eat and to give the bouncing Feeny his ice cream. The mother of a family sitting at the table next to us kept staring at us. She finally came over to our table and said to us:

“Hi! Sorry that we were staring. It’s just that my husband and I used to live over on X street, and we waited a long time to have kids. We had a Rottweiler that we used to walk up here with to get ice cream, back when it was a Dairy Queen. So, when we saw you two and your dog it was like, WOAH flashback! You know?”

“Yeah! Sure, no worries!”

“Okay, bye!”


Husband to me after they walked away: “So, I guess we’re going to end up with two girls and a boy, huh?”

“I guess so! That was weird…”


Only time can tell, right?