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If you’re a regular reader, I’ve decided to take Heather Armstrong’s advice to “Be ye not so stupid” about blogging with strongly worded feeling type opinions about my job. Thus, anything that might be possibly controversial will be password protected. 🙂


I have conquered getting my room ready, which took much longer than anticipated. Copies are not made; files are not organized; I have only touched the tip of the iceberg on planning. Tomorrow will hopefully be more productive.


Dear Crazy Jane,

You are stuck in a vicious cycle of staying up late and sleeping in, which is preventing you from being productive at this most critical time. Your fear of failure is still present, though currently hiding behind a false sense of confidence. You really can do this. You know you can. Just the other day, you found your notes from a professional development seminar you went to in college, and it struck you how true and applicable that keynote speaker’s words are to your current predicament.

“You cannot succeed without first failing.”

Failure is a part of life. Despite how much you try to micromanage everything, to plan every step, to foresee what’s coming, you can’t. You failed. There’s nothing you can do about it. MOVE ON. Do better than before! Make success succeed your failure. This is yet another thing you are not wholly responsible for, no matter how much you feel like you are.

I advise you to get done what needs to get done, then enjoy your time with your family before the chaos begins. Read, exercise, and spend time with your husband more often. You’ll like life more.

Chin up, kid. It could always be worse.


Sane Jane