As we were discussing The Odyssey in class today, I asked the question-

“‘water rose to his eyes from the deep well of longing in his chest’ what would that be an example of?”

And my smart little frogs said, “a metaphor!”

And I asked, “So, what is ‘the deep well of longing’ referring to?”

And one of my very smart, very shy little frogs raised her hand and said, “It’s describing that feeling Odysseus has been keeping inside of him. You, know, it’s just been so long and hard-”

Cue the giant grins and giggles of my very immature freshmen boys-

“I, um. You know, that it’s been difficult for him…”

“BOYS. Wipe the grins off your faces. Get a hold of yourselves…Ignore them, you’re absolutely right, keep going…”

“That…that it’s been a really long time since he’s seen his son and he just can’t keep his emotions inside anymore. Everything has just been building up over the years, and it’s finally coming out through the tears in his eyes.”


Cut to me, approximately 20 minutes later:

Most immature frog in the room talking out of turn FOR THE 34,203,483,290,398TH TIME THIS WEEK: “This ending is SO predictable!”

*Light bulb- teachable moment!*

“You’re absolutely right! Why do you think that is?”

“Uh…I dunno ’cause Homer wasn’t original?”

“WRONG! That’s exactly why it IS predictable! Homer’s Odyssey IS the original!”

*Light bulb moment for the immature frog* “OH! HIS WORK IS THE ARCHETYPE!”

“YES!!!” -Cue the choirs of angels singing in my head-

Here’s where I get a little too enthusiastic…

“Exactly! Come on! How many times have you seen a movie where the hero shows up in a room full of bad guys while he’s in disguise. No one knows it’s him. Then, all of a sudden, with perfect timing, the hero whips off his disguise, thrusts his sword into the air and says, “TASTE MY STEEL YOU DOGS!”

-Cue the entire room bursting out into uproarious laughter at the insanity and hilarity of their teacher saying that line with such gusto and hand gestures.-

Immature frog: “What movies do YOU watch? NO movie has that line in it!”


(I figured it out- the line is from the film within the movie The Majestic. )

Ahhhh, teaching.