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I always imagined that when my husband and I finally decided to have kids that it would be an incredibly dramatic moment. What I have found, as usual, is that my over-romanticizing imagination could not possibly prepare me for the way I could feel once that decision was finally made.

Him: “Well, what if we bought a house after leasing for one more year?”

Me: “I thought you wanted to build? We’ve been planning our dream house…”

“We will build, but if we want to start a family soon, we’re going to need more permanent space. We can buy a house and sell it later when we finally decide where we want to be more permanently.”

“So we wouldn’t start a family for two more years?”

“No, I was thinking maybe we could start trying next year.”

*stunned silence*


“Fall, winter…”
“End of summer?”






“Well, okay then!”