The past 48 hours have been riddled with anxiety. One of my best friends was sitting, waiting, wishing for the opportunity to hold Maddie Marie in her arms and know for certain that she was hers forever. In the state of Indiana, a birth-mother giving her child up for adoption has 24 hours after the child is born to change her mind. After Maddie was born on Thursday at 2:31 PM, I could do nothing but worry anxiously about what might happen the following day.

Friday afternoon, my friend Stephanie and I sat outside our work in the sunshine watching the clocks on our phones, waiting to find out whether or not the birth-mother had signed the paperwork at 3:00 PM. By 4:00 PM we couldn’t take it anymore. Chests tight, adrenaline pacing through our veins, we drove in circles in the hospital parking lot, seeking a glimpse of our friend’s car; were they here? Did they know already? What would we do if the adoption fell through? How could we help? What could we say? The devastation we envisioned unfolding if the birth-mother had changed her mind twisted our stomachs with worry for our friend. Helpless to do anything more and feeling like God was trying to make a point of forcing us to be patient, we left the parking lot and headed towards a restaurant to eat. Just after we sat down and ordered our drinks, Stephanie received the text message we’d been so adamantly waiting for, “We have a baby girl!”

“She’s a mommy! Thank God, she’s a MOMMY!” I couldn’t help but cry with overwhelming joy. She and her husband had been waiting for that exquisitely sweet moment for so long. The roller coaster of emotions and obstacles they’d faced together on their adoption journey brought them to the breaking point, but the strength of their love and passion for wanting to be parents brought them to the finish line with glorious success. I know I could never face what they have faced with such strength and determination to so fiercely love and protect a child whose presence was so uncertain until yesterday evening.


You are so incredibly and thoroughly loved and appreciated already. I know that your mommy and daddy will do everything in their power to raise you to be an incredible little person who knows very well how to dream big and reach her goals.You are the luckiest little girl to have a mommy who will read to you and make sure you are prepared for the big wide world of education and a daddy who has already proven that your protection and well being are his first priorities.

As an honorary auntie and someone who has prayed for your existence in our lives for so long: welcome to the world Miss Maddie Marie.


Auntie Jane