I get all worked up about how ill prepared my students are for college and life after high school…

They don’t care. They don’t put in effort. How will that change in college? It won’t. We all know it won’t. What kind of jobs are these kids going to be able to keep when they turn in plagiarized work and sass back the teacher? None, I tell you. Haters of Obama: don’t blame the jobless rate on the economy, blame it on the lazy young people trying to get a job with a barely above average grade point average and lethargic work ethic. If coming to school high is okay, why wouldn’t they think coming to work high is okay too? Brain cells? Who needs them?! Everything is stupid. Everything is pointless. We’re all just trying to ruin their lives and ruin their fun. Copying isn’t cheating; it’s creative studying; it’s protecting one’s grade; it’s stupid busy work anyway, right? Who cares? Why do teachers care so much? It’s not THEIR grade. It’s not THEIR integrity being called into question here. Senioritis is apparently a pandemic that excuses them all from turning things in or putting in effort. The school year is only 47 school days away from ending, why care now when they haven’t cared all year? They’re accepted at colleges. They have their scholarships. No one looks at second semester grades senior year, right? College will be easy. College allows them to make their own schedule, sleep in, party hard, live life with no consequences, right? RIGHT?

Then, I remember who I was at 18…


…and I shut my damn mouth.

We’ll be okay, right?

Our future leaders and policy makers and policemen and politicians and doctors and nurses and teachers, they’ll all grow up, just like we did, right?