I spent most of the summer away from home or working at my summer job or packing or moving homes or unpacking. I’ve barely stayed still for longer than the hours in which I sleep. Suddenly, school is starting tomorrow, and I feel like I never had a chance to re-energize for the school year.

I spent several hours in my classroom today getting things ready for the year. I worked swiftly, purposefully, productively. Freshmen orientation was going on, so a few of my honors kids stopped in shyly to see the room and giggle when they saw I was there. I love interacting with the kids, getting to know them, helping them to learn and grow into purposeful and educated human beings. Then I sat there for a minute in my chair, looked out into the empty classroom, and remembered how it feels to sit there after school in the empty room with nothing but piles of papers to be graded. I let the anxiety and stress wash over me, pull me under for a second, then recede with the consciousness of my responsibility as a community member, as a wife, as a human being. This is my job. It is work. It’s not supposed to always be fun or exciting. There’s a reason I am paid for this.

I’ve done a fine job of getting things done all summer long. I will not let procrastination get in the way of my life this year. I will grade every day there is grading during the week. I will reserve my weekends for myself and my husband. I will not allow myself to screw myself over when it comes to time. After all, it goes by so quickly.