Okay, so I set out to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days quite a while ago…

I was inspired by this: 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

and my deadline was: Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

I didn’t accomplish 23 items at all,

and I mostly accomplished 2,

but I completely accomplished 76 items in 1001!

I think that’s a pretty good success rate. It helped that a lot of my goals were travel and wedding related and that my honeymoon and wedding fell into that span of days, but of course I planned my list that way. 🙂 I’m a little surprised that I was able to cross so many items off my list, and I’m a little surprised by some of the items that I didn’t end up crossing off my list in time. It was definitely a motivator to do more and to remember to do specific things while on vacation, and I think I’ll take some time next week to set up my next 101 in 1001 list, this time centered around the first 1001 days of my child’s life. 🙂

Without further adieu:

My  101  76  in  1001

1. Watch my sister perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York It was so cool! 11.24.11

2. Speak to the representatives of the government about something I’m passionate about Done! Attended meeting at town hall with representatives and Senator Walker and spoke out to them about the awful and detrimental education reforms our stupid superintendent is planning 1.8.10

3. Clean up the garage Finished 6.29.10

4. Own a Nook Merry Christmas from my Hubby! 12.25.10

5. Buy a digital SLR Yay! Canon 60D! 11.14.11

6. Take tons of photographs on my honeymoon Europe trip and prevent my camera from being stolen (it happened on my last overseas trip) Hooray! 8.7.10

7. Keep a diary/journal on the honeymoon Europe trip Hooray! 8.7.10

8. Watch the list of movies on the green post-it note in the living room So far we’ve checked off Charlie Bartlett, The Counterfeiters, The Namesake, and Fools Gold…

9. Catch up on my collage/quotes book 7.05.12

10. Catch a fish

11. Revisit the Two Heart River in the U.P.

12.Plant and grow flowers Done! Gladiolis in the front yard are in bloom! 8.1.11

13. Create a family tree

14. Read something by Tolstoy  10.31.11-11.1.11 “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”- read and taught 🙂
15. Try Indian food
16.Teach Feeny to come when called 2.19.11 This one has been a work in progress, but yesterday at the park (with distractions all around like ducks and people) I got 20 feet away before stopping and calling him, and he came directly to me! Hooray!
17. Win a game of Apples to Apples Beat my cousin, her sister, her husband, and my sister 6.18.10

18. Help with the farming at my in-laws by helping with the pigs Done! Yuck! That was a very smelly and interesting experience. Plus, I helped twice! More so one time than the other… 12.30.10

19. Touch Juliet’s wall in Verona and leave a message Done! 7.30.10

20. Sing  “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music” in Austria Done! 8.4.10




21. Drink beer in Germany Done! 8.5.10

22. Try spaghetti in Italy Done! 7. 26.10

23. See the leaning tower in Pisa Done! 7.28.10

24. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain Done! 7.29.10

25. Take a picture with the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that is in the picture of my dad and I when I’m about 1 yr old 6.29.12

26. See a band perform who I’ve never seen before Radiohead 6.5.2012!!!

27. Cry over something wonderful Hearing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time and sharing the news with my family. 10.19.12

28. Meet a new friend Yay for new work buddies! 10.30.10

29. Revisit the museums, aquarium, and Navy Pier in Chicago with my husband.  4.7.12

30. Eat at Kitsch’n in Chicago again- but be alive this time to enjoy it  4.7.12

31. Eat NY pizza in New York Blarney Stone- pizza and Magners 11. 25.11

32. Have my husband dip and kiss me in Times Square like in that awesome D-day picture He’s such a trooper 🙂 I love him. 11.26.11

33. Clean out my leftover boxes from my parents’ basement 7.15.12 They’re cleaned out, but there’s still remaining in storage there…

34. Watch a meteor shower with my husband Perseids! 8.?.12

35. Write my siblings letters of love and gratitude

36. Write my parents letters of love and gratitude Made a book for my daddy for Christmas instead of writing it in a letter. 🙂 12.25.10 Made a book for my mommy 12.25.12

37. Help with the farming one year at my father in law’s by driving the tractor

38. Volunteer at a soup kitchen/food pantry Volunteered for Smorgasbord at our church 4.29.11

39. Sign up for the donor list Changed my notifications on my drivers license when I renewed it and signed up for the bone marrow donor list at Be the Match 1.9.11

40. Donate blood (if they’ll let me this time) I almost fainted! Done! 11.30.11

41. Take a daily multivitamin at least 5 days of the week 1.6.10 started taking prenatal vitamin gummies-yum! Hello, Folic Acid!

42. Floss at least twice a week Hooray for hygiene!

43. Plant bulbs  Yay! Gladiolas! “Gladiolis!” 5.19.11 and 6.2.11

44. Ice skate with my husband Rockafeller Center! Woot woot! NYC! Husbands first time skating ever! 11.24.11

45. Write my husband a letter telling him all of the things I love about him  I made the note into a cootie catcher too! 5.11.12

46. Go sledding with my husband

47. Organize a family event

48. Re-learn how to drive a stick shift

49. Learn how to make queso blanco Done! Total fail, need to try again…

50. Learn how to make guacamole

51. Learn how to make chimichangas

52. Make homemade playdough and play with it with my nephew  Done! What a little giggle monster he was! 9.24.11

53. Make another gingerbread house

54. Make my husband an “I Heart Hippos” shirt Ordered from cafepress.com 6.29.10

55. Get a very small tattoo of the mitten Done! OUCH! (Not really, but I was a big baby about it.)  12.22.10

Thanks John for the excellent and swift work!

I ❤ Michigan! That little red dot is a heart on Detroit.

56. Feel really truly beautiful in nothing at all Pregnancy made me appreciate and love my body in a way I never anticipated. 3.19.13

57. Relearn how to play euchre Done! Thanks Barb! 11.24.10

58. Send at least one piece of mail to someone I love at least once a month Success! Thank you Hallmark Rewards and the many friends I’m blessed with; the rewards program combined with the many birthdays I have to celebrate have kept me consistently meeting this goal!

59. Finish the scarf I started knitting in 12th grade Started working on it again at Thanksgiving… 11.24.10

60. Get large prints of honeymoon pictures and replace the Halsey pictures in the nice frames

61. Drink less pop. Hubby and I vowed to only drink pop outside of the house (which is essentially only when we are out to eat/on vacation). Yay! 1.1.11

62. Spring clean in a ridiculously meticulous fashion Started by weeding and preening the garden and cleaning out the fridge, freezer, and pantry…5.31.11 Done! 6.5.11

63. Build a large sandcastle

64. Take my nephews to the Indianapolis Zoo (I’ve never been there either!)

65. Ride in a gondola Done! Honeymoon 7.30.10

66. Throw a fancy dinner party

67. Teach my sister to ski 2.10.11 Success! She’s better at it than me! We both made it down Buck at Crystal Mountain Resort without dying!

68. Surprise my fiance with a very big gift Wedding present to him 8.23.10

69. Try sushi Tried a piece at China 8 Buffet- not so fond of it… 5.23.11

70. Stain and finish my rocking chair Finished but still in the garage 6.027.10

71. Stain and finish my grandmother’s vanity Finished and moved into the house 6.27.10

72. Buy a house Theodore! 7.12.12

73. Refinish the record cabinet my mother made

74. Get pregnant 7.?.12

75. Do something others would call “crazy” with my husband White water rafting? Eating rattlesnake? 6.17-18.12

76. Road trip with my little sister

77. Dance (ballroom style) with my husband in front of a crowd (of at least 100) without falling Done! 7.24.10

78. Marry my fiance Done! 7.24.10

79. Own and train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Owning, working on the training part…9.25.10 Trained! He can sit, shake, lay down, wait for his food, and walk on a leash! Good boy, Feeny! 12.01.10

80. Grow another pumpkin over 100 lbs

81. Successfully grow a good sized watermelon

82. Pay my respects at Ground Zero in New York 11.25.11 I’d like to go back to see the memorial when it is finished.

83. Finish one Sudoku puzzle by myself Finished in 30 minutes 55 seconds on 12.25.10 on my new Nook

84. Try a new sport/adventurous activity White water rafting! 6.17.12

85. Write a letter to the editor

86. Finish the embroidered jean quilt I started making in college

87. Write Ms. G a thank you letter for inspiring me to teach 12.3.10 Her response: “What a wonderful Christmastime present to get in touch with me.  Thank you for your kind comments.  Those mean so much as you will learn during your career.  That’s fantastic that you became a teacher.  Where are you teaching English? Please feel free to write back and fill me in on what you’ve been doing. Ms. G”

88. Obtain another full time teaching job Yay for employment! 7.1.10

89. Spend an entire afternoon in bed with my husband I’m particularly proud of  myself for not planning this one and just letting it happen. 🙂 It was the best day in a long while! 2.20.11

90. Have silly wedding pictures taken Done! 7.24.10

91. Get a pedicure and manicure before the one for the wedding Done and it felt marvelous 6.29.10

92. Plant the flowers in the front yard Planted lilies 6.23.10

93. Fix the giant bare spots in the yard We’ve tried everything. 7.15.10 Update: Grass has grown! IT’S A MIRACLE! 10.8.11

94. Get rid of the crickets in the bathroom I’ve done as much as possible 7.15.10 None have been sighted since December of 2010. Success!

95. Construct a boarder for the garden in the backyard Finished 6.24.10

96. Finish writing the first batch of thank-you notes before the next wedding shower Finished 6.24.10

97. Finish writing all possible thank-you notes before the wedding Done! 7.20.10

98. Decide on flowers for the wedding Dahlias, spray roses, Stargazer lilies, stock, orchids, and stephanotis 6.27.10

99. Add at least one more personal touch to the wedding plans Mom’s Mother Mary Charm onto bouquet, even though I forgot to actually hook it on; it was in my purse! 7.14.10

100. Find something old for the wedding day Mom’s diamond studs 6.27.10

101. Find something borrowed for the wedding day Mom’s diamond studs 6.27.10