See Jane Aspire

Life List

How I want to live my life

  1. Own a house with a “roof seat” (the kind of roof you can crawl out of a window onto and sit/lay on to watch the stars or get a nice tan) We bought Theodore! 7.12.12
  2. Have at least two, but no more than four children
  3. Act/sing in a play production 3.17-19.11 Part of the adult choir for Bye Bye Birdie! “Kids! I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today!”
  4. Join a choir 2.6.11 Joined the Praise Choir at church!
  5. Read 100 new books in one year
  6. Cloth diaper my children I am a master. Almost to potty training now. 04.23.2013-05.28.2015
  7. Try making my own baby food for my children Mmm butternut squash. 10.15.2013
  8. See a show on Broadway in New York  Done! 11.25.11
  9. Explore NYC Done! 11.24-11.26.11
  10. Be in Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve
  11. See important/historical places in Washington D.C.
  12. Re-visit Niagara Falls and ride on the Maid of the Mist
  13. Ride in a hot air balloon that isn’t tethered to the ground
  14. Write a book of recipes and family stories
  15. Get a piece of my work published
  16. Learn how to play guitar and sing at the same time
  17. Lobby for Invisible Children again Done! Break the Silence 25 event in Indianapolis on 4.25.11
  18. Try 10 totally new foods- 1.rattlesnake bites at Cafe Diablo in Torrey, Utah, 2. Tacos Don Ramon at the Red Iguana in Salt Lake City, Utah, 3. avocado, 4. sweet potato brownie in San Fransisco, California, 5. & 6.chevre, tomme at the Mesa Farm Market in Caineville, Utah…7. Crab at Folly Beach Crab Shack, South Carolina, 8. Shrimp and Grits at Fleet Landing, Charleston, South Carolina
  19. Give a speech in front of hundreds of people
  20. Visit California and see the sights in L.A. and San Fransisco (Full House house!) Done! 6.26-27.12 and 6.29-30.12
  21. See the Great Barrier Reef (snorkel?)
  22. Face my fear of sharks Done! I got in the water after the all clear was given after a shark sighting at Cocoa Beach in Florida. Then, I was on the news to tell about it! 7.27.11
  23. Keep a journal for each of my children. Letters to Lucas blog underway! 
  24. See the Grand Canyon Done! 6.22.12
  25. Try to learn how to surf/boogie board
  26. Make a wedding cake
  27. Survive the road to Hana in Hawaii
  28. Travel on Route 66 6.22-23.12
  29. Learn how to acid sketch a mirror
  30. Learn how to etch glass
  31. Learn how to fix common household problems in regards to plumbing and electric
  32. Learn how to properly Photoshop Lightroom learned! 10.13.14
  33. Take a sewing class/re-learn how to sew or use a sewing machine
  34. Skinny dip muahahaha 7.6.12
  35. Learn how to play poker
  36. Raise a seeing eye dog
  37. Obtain the complete sets of Full House, Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch on DVD 12.2011, 4.2012, 12.2012, 12.2013
  38. Own/raise a farm animal (preferably a horse)
  39. Learn more about nature and survival skills
  40. Lead a Girl Scout troop or at least be a volunteer for one
  41. Be a camp counselor for one summer
  42. Learn how to cut hair
  43. Take a pottery class
  44. Take an art class
  45. Make a short film (and post it on youtube)
  46. Swim with dolphins or other large aquatic mammals
  47. Pet an exotic animal
  48. Learn how to make a mosaic tile vase
  49. Rescue an animal Done! Saved a dog that was running loose by a very busy road outside of Olive Garden! I lured him into our car with a bread stick, and we waited an hour for animal control to finally show up. 1.9.10
  50. Learn how to play “Sebastian” (the piano piece played at my wedding)
  51. Become pen pals with someone
  52. Make love in 10 countries halfway there..US, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic 8.13.10
  53. Be a maid of honor in a friend’s wedding
  54. Watch my little sister graduate from high school Done 6.2013
  55. Own two dogs at once
  56. Go to Fiji & Australia
  57. Visit Puerto Rico again to swim in the falls in El Yunque and watch the sunset at El Morro with my husband
  58. Stay at the big house on the lake in Leeland again
  59. Eliminate my drawers of “stuff” Cleaned out for moving. 7.16.12
  60. Go to Disney World with my husband Done! 7.23-37.11 for our one year anniversary!
  61. See the pyramids in Egypt
  62. Watch all of my children graduate from high school
  63. Buy a new car 2011 Chevy Malibu 9.13.10
  64. Learn how to line dance Thank you in-laws! 7.16.10
  65. Participate in a competition of some kind Done! I won 2nd place in a Chili Cookoff! 11.30.11
  66. Mail something surprising to someone I love Funny birthday card 9 months in advance 1.11.11
  67. Find a creative way to break the news when I find out I’m pregnant Done 🙂 Feeny t-shirt that says “I’m going to be a big brother!” and giving C the There’s a Monster at the End of This Book book with my positive pregnancy test! 8.27.12 (C) and 10.19.12 (everyone else)
  68. Swim in a large body of water other than the Atlantic Ocean Tyrrhenian Sea & Adriatic Sea- Honeymoon 7.26.10-8.3.10
  69. Visit the top of the Statue of Liberty
  70. Visit the observation deck of the Empire State building and kiss my husband there Done! 11.26.11 around 2:00 AM
  71. Soak in a natural hot spring 6.17.12 Fifth Water Hot Springs- longest hike ever.
  72. Visit Yellowstone National park
  73. See the giant redwoods Muir Woods 6.27.12
  74. Read the Harry Potter series to my children
  75. Read the Narnia series
  76. Travel around Ireland with my husband and kiss the Blarney Stone
  77. Take my children on a mitten trip
  78. Eat pierogies in Poletown in Detroit
  79. Take my husband to Astoria Bakery in Greektown in Detroit (Done! 12.23.10)
  80. Take my husband to Mexicantown in Detroit to eat at Xochimilco Done! Thanks, Dad! 6.2013
  81. Go to another Shakespeare play in Stratford, Ontario, Canada
  82. See Yosemite National Park and not get eaten by a bear Learned a lot about bears! 6.25.12
  83. Visit at least three continents other than North America  one down (Europe), two to go…
  84. Go on a cruise
  85. Whale watch
  86. Sing “Kokomo” while on a tropical island
  87. Learn how to properly hula dance
  88. Drink out of a coconut
  89. Order a meal in another language Rome, Italy Honeymoon 7. 28.10
  90. Prepare for and have a natural birth Done. Thank you, Bradley Method! Mostly unmedicated, too! 4.23.13
  91. Teach my children how to cook/bake
  92. Help to build a house
  93. Start a tradition with my husband Murdered Meatloaf Man on Halloween, and gifts each day the week before Christmas! 🙂
  94. Start a tradition as a family
  95. Learn how to save money properly Thank you husband and and ING guy. 8.15.10
  96. Take my children camping
  97. Help clean up after an environmental disaster
  98. Raise funds for something important 11.15.10 Donated to Fluff Baby Home and promoted donations on FB and my sites.
  99. Be a good teacher all the way until retirement- never let that jaded opinion become mine- by continuing to seek out and attend meaningful seminars 12.2.10-Smeckens Seminar, Smeckens Retreat 6.18.11, Smeckens Fall Retreat 9.27-29.12
  100. Travel after retirement with my husband

101 in 1001

Began Thursday May 28, 2015

Due Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

1. Enroll my kid in a dance class

2. Publish my book

3. Finish compiling my cook book

4. Decorate the spare bedroom

5. Decorate Lucas’ big boy room

6. Complete a collage wall in the living room

7. Clean out the office

8. Have a garage sale

9. Go to the beach

10. Spend some quality time with the outdoors

11. Take Lucas hiking

12. Take Lucas on a picnic

13. Learn how to make giant soap bubbles

14. Paint with chalk in the driveway

15. Teach Lucas how to wash the car

16. Refinish my hope chest

17. Find a hope chest for my sister

18. Complete another entire round of Bikini Body Mommy Challenge

19. Run a 5K with minimal walking

20. Complete the Indy Mini Marathon

21. Take Lucas to Disney World

22. Go to Cedar Point

23. Take Lucas to the Sleeping Bear Dunes

24. Swim in Lake Michigan

25. Go camping with friends

26. Go on an adventure with Craig

27. Ice skate

28. Sled

29. Try snow boarding

30. Attempt to roller blade again

31. Try Indian food

32. Go fishing

33. Create a family tree

34. Finish that damn scarf

35. Update my quotes book

36. Revisit Chicago museum with Lucas

37. Take Lucas to the observation deck of the Sears Tower (now called something else I don’t remember)

38. Attend MommyCon in Chicago

39. Have another baby

40. Refinish a dresser

41. Learn how to make more italian dishes

42. Try 10 new foods

43. Organize a family event

44. Re-learn how to drive a stick shift

45. Learn how to make queso blanco

46. Learn how to make guacamole

47. Learn how to make chimichangas

48. Go to 4 concerts

49. Learn how to play the guitar

50. Get large prints of honeymoon pictures and replace the Halsey pictures in the nice frames

53. Build a sandcastle

54. Throw a fancy dinner party

55. Refinish the record cabinet my mother made

56. Road trip with my little sister

57. Grow another pumpkin over 100 lbs

58. Successfully grow a good sized watermelon

59. Write a letter to the editor

60. Have family photos taken

61. Teach Lucas to whistle

62. Take a family vacation

63. Get another dog

64. Get another tattoo

65. Go through my photos and pitch what I don’t need to keep

66. Finish Lucas’ baby book

67. Finish Lucas’ second year book

68. Continue to write Letters to Lucas

69. Become a Doula

70. Better learn manual mode on my camera

71. Take a lighting class

72. Invest in another lens

73. Have my second labor and delivery photographed

74. Find another place to teach cloth diapering and babywearing classes

75. Clean out the drawers of my vanity

76. Make our bedroom an oasis

77. Paint our bathroom and decorate

78. Paint all the bedrooms

79. Paint the office

80. Paint the laundry room

81. Make the laundry room feel comfortable and cheery

82. Have a garage sale

83. Buy a new comforter set

84. Decorate the bathrooms and paint

85. Find a new house

86. Help someone in a way they can never repay you

87. Decide direction for career

88. Try rock climbing

89. Visit four states other than Michigan and Indiana

90. Unplug for a week

91. Be generous to someone you barely know

92. Collect donations for Socktober again

93. Serve at a soup kitchen

94. Collect and donate books

95. Volunteer in the classroom

96. Surprise a great waitress with an incredible tip

97. Visit my Grandpa

98. Visit Indiana Beach

99. Help with farming

100. Learn how to can vegetables

101. Freeze as many bags of peaches and corn this fall as humanly possible



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